When I am feeling the need for some inspiration, I put earrings together in combinations that make me feel good. Sometimes I use favorite stones, sometimes I get a stone that is hard to match . The combinations are endless... And a lot of times, I find a feeling and grouping that works for an entire set--starting with the earrings! Priced from $7-$10

Assorted Stretchy Bracelets $12

These bracelets are strung on a STRONG 1mm elastic with a sterling silver crimp and crimp cover. They are VERY durable. I gave one to a young man to test for wear and three months later he is still wearing it ALL the time with no problems. (He is very active-working outdoors and has young children who pull and tug on it.)
     These bracelets are made from various precious stones and I am selling them each for $12.

Onyx and Swarovski Ankle Bracelet

This ankle bracelet is made of Onyx and Swarovski crystals making extra sparkle. And the silver plated barrel clasp is secure on the ankle . $15