These jewelry items are made of precious and semi-precious stone and sterling silver. If not, it will be noted in the description. If you would like a shorter necklace, or a necklace with an adjustable silver chain closure, let me know so I can change it.(for a small fee, of course!)
I can be reached by e-mail at Thanks for looking...

When I am feeling the need for some inspiration, I put earrings together in combinations that make me feel good. Sometimes I use favorite stones, sometimes I get a stone that is hard to match . The combinations are endless... And a lot of times, I find a feeling and grouping that works for an entire set--starting with the earrings! Priced from $7-$10

Assorted Stretchy Bracelets $12

These bracelets are strung on a STRONG 1mm elastic with a sterling silver crimp and crimp cover. They are VERY durable. I gave one to a young man to test for wear and three months later he is still wearing it ALL the time with no problems. (He is very active-working outdoors and has young children who pull and tug on it.)
     These bracelets are made from various precious stones and I am selling them each for $12.

Onyx and Swarovski Ankle Bracelet

This ankle bracelet is made of Onyx and Swarovski crystals making extra sparkle. And the silver plated barrel clasp is secure on the ankle . $15

Looking for something a little bigger, this Unakite Bracelet with its lovely Silver spacers might fill the need...

Amazonite and Yellow Jade Bracelet

This bracelet made with Amazonite and Yellow Jade makes me think of summertime and Sherbet. $25

Lemon Chrysoprase Bracelet

This Lemon Chrysoprase Bracelet is heavy with Silver. $25

Crazy Lace Agate and Tree Agate with Swarovski Bracelet

This bracelet has both Crazy Lace Agate and Tree Agate with sparkly Swarovski Crystals. Additionally the Swarovski spacers highlight the lovely colors and a special flower toggle completes the look. $25

Carnelian and Pearls Bracelet

What lovely fall colors in this carnelian and pearl bracelet with copper clasp! $15

Brownstone, Stabilized Chrysocolla and Moonstone Bracelet

This Brownstone, Stabilized Chrysocolla and Moonstone Bracelet displays it beauty on the wrist very well. $20

Brown stone and aventurine bracelet

This bracelet is made of brown stone and aventurine. $20

Rose Quartz, Peridot, Zoisite, Lava Bracelet

This bracelet is made of Rose Quartz, Peridot, Ruby Zoisite, and Lava Rock Beads. $20

Amber and Onyx Copper Bracelet

This Bracelet has two colors of Amber to complement the Onyx and Copper in it. $20

Amber and Sunstone Copper Bracelet

This bracelet with its Amber and Sunstone beads and Copper closure seems to have captured the sunshine. $25

Sugilite Bracelet

The elegant Swarovski spacers and fancy flowered toggle clasp on this Sugilite Bracelet give a festive effect. $35

Copper, Wood Jasper, Tiger Eye, Jade Bracelet

This bracelet has a copper clasp and showy Wood Jasper, Tiger Eye and Jade beads. $25

Amethyst, Turquoise, and Onyx Bracelet

This chunky bracelet has Amethyst and Turquoise forms with Onyx beads to showcase the colors. $30

Czech Glass and Fire Agate Bracelet

This touchable Czech Glass bracelet is brightened with Fire Agate beads and a sterling clasp. $30

Moonstone and Carnelian Bracelet

This bracelet is made of moonstones and faceted carnelians and reminds me of ice and cranberries during the holidays! $20

Faceted Jasper and Swarovski Bracelet

This bracelet takes the Faceted Fancy Jasper and combines it with Swarovski Crystals for a sparkle effect. $20

Moonstone, Cherry Quartz, Aventurine Bracelet

This moonstone, cherry quartz, and aventurine bracelet is bright and cheery. $20

Malachite & Pearls Bracelet and Post Earrings

Malachite and Pearls are the basis for this lovely Bracelet and Post Earring Set. $25

Pearls and Rhodonite Bracelet and Earrings

These Pearls and Rhodonite Bracelet and Earrings look a lot better worn than in this picture. There is a warmth to the Rhodonite that the camera just can't capture. $25

Aventurine, Carmelian & Swarovski Bracelet with Earrings

This bracelet with its Aventurine, Carnelian, and Swarovski Crystals is enhanced with its matching earrings. $25

Serpentine Agate and Silver Bracelet and earrings

This bracelet is made with the mossy green colors of serpentine and is accented with agate leaves and silver spacers. There are matching earrings as well. $30

Desert Jasper and Hematite Heart Two-Strand Bracelet

This romantic two-strand bracelet is made with Desert Jasper and Hematite Hearts. ...And I think of the romance of showing the changing sift of the sands of life and the steadfastness of a heart in its midst. (sorry-got carried away there!!) $30

Multi-gem Double-strand Bracelet

This Multi-gem double-strand bracelet has a large citrine focal bead and a colorful assortment of Malachite, Tiger Eye, Onyx, two colors of Amber, Turquoise, Moonstone, Rhodonite, and Ocean Jasper. $25

Brownstone Chalcedony Double Bracelet

This Brownstone and Chalcedony make a very attractive double bracelet. $35

Two-Strand Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Aventurine Bracelet

This pretty bracelet has two strands of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Aventurine with Sterling Silver closures. $25

Copper, Amazonite, and Glass Pearl Double Bracelet

The lovely double bracelet looks minty with its Amazonite and green glass pearls. The toggle clasp is copper. $30

Poppy Jasper, Mahogany, Obsidian, and Hematite

This Poppy Jasper, Mahogany, Obsidian, and Hematite necklace is 24 inches and lays much better on the neck than on a flat surface. $30

Carnelian, Unakite, Pearl and Silver adjustable necklace

This adjustable necklace is made with a Carnelian leaf as a focal bead and the Unakite is accented with bronze pearls and silver filigree beads as well as carnelian beads. $40

Wood Jasper, Tiger Eye, Obsidian, Agate Necklace

This adjustable necklace is made of Tiger Eye and Obsidian, and has Wood Jasper and Agate focal beads and Sterling Silver spacers. $40

Serpentine, Unakite Focal, and Red Chalcedony Necklace

This necklace is made with Unakite focal beads to match the Red (salmon color) Chalcedony and Russian Serpentine. $30

Blue Lace Agate Focal, Sodalite and Howlite Necklace

This adjustable necklace has a Blue Lace Agate focal bead and has Sodalite and Howlite to give a 'bluejean' appearance. $35

Prehenite and Fire Agate Necklace

This Prehenite and Fire Agate necklace is 24 inches long. $25

Fluorite and Sugulite Necklace with Silver heart focal

This adjustable necklace is made with fluorite and sugulite beads with a chained silver heart as its focal point.

Moss Serpentine, Howlite, Onyx and Wood Jasper Necklace

The veins in the Moss Serpentine, the Howlite and the Wood Jasper are smoothly accented by the black Onyx in this 20 inch necklace. $30

Leaf of Jasper, Jade, Copper Necklace

This is a very elegant necklace. It is made with a large focal bead that is a leaf from carved Jasper, is strung on a Jade strand, and has a copper "S" closure and small copper focals. $50

Unakite and Silver Adjustable Necklace

This Unakite necklace has two silver ladybugs and other silver beads decorating the sides. $45